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Heating System Installation

Stay warm with a brand-new heating system

A routine installation will take about 6 to 10 hours and can be scheduled with your Max Air Comfort expert. At Max Air Comfort, we will work with your schedule and make sure your new heater installation works for your busy schedule. For any installation, repair, replacement or upgrade, we always use drop clothes and shoe covers to protect to your carpet and wood floors. In addition, all and any debris we create while doing the job will be removed promptly.

After a heater installation has been scheduled, our expert technicians come prepared to service your home safely and efficiently. For any furnace repair service or furnace unit replacement, we take care to protect your home and its contents, and a thorough clean-up process finishes the project with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. After the installation is complete, we run a complete test of your system to ensure that each room is reaching the comfort level that you desire. We will walk you through your new system, explaining proper maintenance and answering any questions you may have. We will continue to follow up in the coming weeks to make sure you’re still happy with your new system.

Free Consultation on any heater replacement and installation

One of our trained experts will first come out to your home or business and measure your current system’s performance and then make recommendations based on their findings and your needs. This is a great time to get pro advice, as your heating expert technician is there to answer all your questions. The scheduled appointment for your heater replacement can be scheduled right then and there.

Replacing your old heating and heating equipment with new, energy-efficient models is a great start. But to make sure that you get the best performance, the new equipment must be properly installed. In fact, improper installation can reduce system efficiency by up to 30 percent — costing you more on your utility bills and possibly shortening the equipment’s life.